I Need, But I Bleed



When it came it came quick, when I was least expecting it

You walked up from behind and asked me for a cigarette

There you stood as beautiful as you are

I felt my heart leap out of my mouth swerve around you and back in

With shaking hands I grabbed for the pack and fumbled out a a cigarette

You said, if I felt like joining you, yeah then I could

And as you walked back your rock’n’roll ass told me I should


Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah you could it

That bit I need

Don’t shake it

You’ll make me bleed


After a beer and a half I joined you and your brother

Surely you noticed, that you blew my mind like no other

You spiced me up with those looks you gave

And I thought to myself, boy is this really safe?

My god I must be out of my mind, what did I know

Soon the night grew far too old and she had te go

Hell no, but not without me…


Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah you got it

That bit I need

Ah please don’t shake it

You’d just make me bleed


Now I’m sittin’ all alone, your cherry lips in my head

The memories of your smile and your eyes aren’t dead

But I cry out your name on the top of my lungs

But you’re gone, it’s all gone


Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah you had it

That bit I need

Awe, but you shook it

Now you’re makin’me bleed



© 2006 All Rights Reserved by Max Buskohl


Max Buskohl
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